9 in x 12 in, Watercolor & Ink

This is a watercolor of Lloyd Wrights gorgeous architecture in Palos Verdes, California.
I was inspired to paint this as a Christmas present for my Godparents-
they were married at the Wayfarers chapel 50 years ago. 

here are some some progress photos. It was love at first sight. I have never visited, but the more I worked with the image, the more I fell in love with the architecture. Originally I was just going to ink it as a line drawing for them because I thought it would look pretty awesome with all of the beautiful lines that the building has, (and because I've been so busy with many other art projects for the holidays), but without the color, the trees seemed to be lost and it didn't seem to fit its nickname of the "chapel of trees", so I decided to spend a few extra days painting it with watercolors and love the way it turned out.